Infrastructure: Review current projects. How effective and within budget are public transportation
improvements. Firm believer in technology to improve transit systems.
With all the projects going on at the same time, we need effective monitoring of each project with set
time tables and contractual set pricing. All too often projects are delayed and go over budget. These
issues need to immediately stop costing our state residents needlessly. If a contractor is unable to keep
within a contract parameter then the contractor need not continue bidding for contracts or getting
approval for them. As your Representative I will assure that contracts are smarter for taxpayers and not
harder on your pockets. An option in consideration is to consider imposing fines on contractors for
project delays that aren’t pre-approved by the govt entity in charge of them.
Finally, I would like to add that I would like to share with my constituents any current projects within our
districts to include: cost, time table, delays, contractor info, etc.… to be listed on our website. It is your
money, why shouldn’t this information be available to you.