Social Issues

Economy: Americans back to work initiative to combat high levels of unemployment. Review and update overreaching industry regulations to aid companies with job creation. Community Connect: 1. Community Investment 2. Community Support 3. Community Policing 4. Community Pride 5. Community relations.


Drug policy: Given the debate over the legalization of marijuana, I would have to agree to disagree. I agree patients do exist that could benefit from marijuana but that being said, I would recommend that medical research be utilized on a possible pill form or liquid form of the components of marijuana be utilized as an alternative to smoking.


Net neutrality: Seems to be a lot of misconception on net neutrality and how it works. I believe the struggle comes from how quickly technology is improved. These new and innovating ideas can sometimes cross or straddle the line on regulations. This will require that net neutrality regulations be revisited every 3 years.