Justice Reforms

I am a firm believer in the Constitutional rights of all-American citizens.
The more we become dependent on the government to solve our problems, the more we will feel our
freedoms diminishing with a sense of living in a police state. This goes back to us being more responsible
as parents by providing our children guidance and teaching them respecting of others and of self.
I believe and my goal is to bring back community policing. As the slogan states “To Serve and Protect”. It
is time the focus is back to being of service and less of stockpiling the stats of arrests.
I recently had a conversation with a few of our community youths. A few shared a story of their
encounter with law enforcement. I’d like to share this special one in short:
A group of youth was approached at a local park after dark. The officer arrived in the area and discussed with the youths about a complaint of suspicious activities occurring in the park. The officer seeing the youths were just being youths and not doing anything wrong; escorted alongside them as they decided to return to their homes. The youth described the encounter as being a major surprise. Previously, the youths stated they were afraid of the police because of all the negative reports in the media. But this positive encounter swung those negative thoughts completely the other way.
This is the kind of law enforcement we need to hear more about and need to experience on a daily
basis. The same must come from the community towards law enforcement. A simple answering of a
question with a yes, sir or Ma’am will get the same in return. Only we as a community can change the
negative perceptions. I thank you all in advance in this effort.