I believe that the 10th Amendment clearly puts the authority of providing healthcare to citizens as a
State’s Rights issue. We need to support and encourage each the state to determine the healthcare
needs of their citizens and take whatever measures are necessary to provide for that need as best as
they see fit. LET’S GET THIS FIXED!!
I would like to review and possibly expand the Florida uninsured health care programs.
State of Florida residents who lack health insurance, or who have limited coverage, can apply for a
number of assistance programs and medical services. The state works with local government and nonprofit organizations in an effort to ensure that low-income families and the disadvantaged can receive
some form of health or dental care. Some resources are focused on meeting the medical needs of senior
citizens in Florida.
The programs are offered to patients who meet qualifications, which will include income limits,
Medicaid eligibility, and more. Some are focused on children and others may be targeted for specific
medical conditions, such as cancer. While there are no guarantees, these various resources can help
provide affordably, or maybe even free, health care and medications to thousands of families across the
Efforts to expand and increase funding towards programs that work and look into waste management of
programs that have historically not done what it was initially intended to do. This is all part of being a government being smarter and not wasting funds on hard to get working projects.