Maintaining high standards of education for our children. Meeting the long-term goals for our schools to
include funding efforts for supplies.
Florida’s public-school funding was graded as an “F” in 2018 by Education Week.
I am currently conducting tabletop discussions with educators, lawmakers, and the community on
ideas going forward to increase funding for school supplies and wage increases for teachers.
Additionally, the continuation of gun control, restrictions, 2nd amendment, and general threat risks by
the current administration of representatives has continued to stall mate.
As a centralist and constitutionalist, I believe in our bill of rights and the right under the 2nd
amendment. That being said, we have to be responsible, not just as gun owners but also as a community
as a whole. The addition to more gun laws isn’t going to affect anyone but law-abiding citizens. Those
that want to cause harm (criminals) do not care about the law. Therefore, I do not recommend adding to
the list of laws that are meaningless to the criminal element.
I would recommend more research on students who enter onto school property to be restricted to
clear see-through backpacks or any bag. This would provide true visibility of an individual’s content. The
push back to this has been personal space and items within bags need to remain private. An example
has been made of young woman products. The concern here is not young woman products, medical
products, personal products, etc… The main issue at hand is a threat of an assault rifle or other weapons
of mass destruction. As previously stated, I am recommending more research and believe we can come
to a viable solution for the safety of our children.